Evening Session

Creating Synergy Evening Session

Title: Assessment and Intervention for Adolescents with Substance Use
Presenters: Dr Bronwyn Milne, Adolescent and Addiction Medicine Specialist,
Dr David Gordon, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Addiction Psychiatrist,
Mr David St Quintin, Clinical Psychologist


Health Professionals and General practitioners (GPs) can be the first point of contact for young people with drug and alcohol concerns or their carers. For this reason, Health professionals and GPs require the skills and knowledge to provide screening, brief interventions and referral to treatment for young people with drug and alcohol concerns. The Creating Synergy evening session will be a 2 hour workshop aimed at developing an understanding of drug and alcohol substance use disorder within a youth context. The session aims to support GPs and others to further develop their skills in recognising and assessing drug and alcohol use, preparing evidence based General Practice Treatment Plans, monitoring and reviewing progress and the referral of patients to appropriate services. The first part of the workshop focuses on engagement, assessment, development and review of treatment plans for adolescents presenting with substance use. The case based format will review medical, developmental and psychiatric issues to be considered in the management of adolescents. The second part will focus on motivational interviewing to complement knowledge of managing patients who experience drug and alcohol issues. The program has been developed with a strong consumer and carer focus.

Learning outcomes

  1. Epidemiology of Substance use in Adolescents, related harms and co-morbidities.
  2. Understanding the spectrum of Substance Use Disorders in Adolescents
  3. Assessment of medical and psychiatric co-morbidities in Adolescents with substance use disorders.
  4. Treatment planning for Adolescents with substance use disorders
  5. Basic pharmacology of commonly used psychoactive substances.
  6. Core skills of motivational interviewing